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Displaying embroidery in a hoop

Q: Why shouldn’t I just take a pair of scissors and hack off all the excess fabric that sticks out behind my wooden embroidery hoop? A: 1) Because you’ve gone to all this trouble to stitch something nice, it’s a shame to rush through the finishing like a knucklehead. 2) Because you are not a knucklehead. Continue reading

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Tutorial : : Felt Doughnut Softie

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How To : : Headbands (bookbinding)

Most frequently used by bookbinders today, the Headband with a Bead on the Edge features a two-color stripey band with little ‘beads’ of alternating colors that sit right on top of the paper and just underneath the headband itself. Continue reading

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Blackwork on Card

I have just used this technique to decorate the cover of a Moleskine cahier notebook, as a participant in The Sketchbook Project 2011. My theme is “nightmare”, and I wanted the cover of the sketchbook to have an understated yet heavy, oppressed feel to it.
I have received so many compliments on pictures of the finished back cover that I thought I’d share the technique with everyone. Hope you find it useful! Continue reading

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Make an album (and coloring book) of your favorite patterns

I’m rounding up that wild pile of patterns that I have been saving since I was 16 and I’m going to freehand a pattern…okay, maybe just a tiny fragment of a pattern?…onto a page in a big, yellowing dictionary. Do you think that’s crazy? Continue reading

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Make a Spool Bird

The Project: There is a very cute bird softie project over on Spool Sewing that I fell in love with the instant I saw it. Right away I made a trial bird, in pink and yellow— a week later she … Continue reading

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