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Art journal techniques : : sgraffito with acrylics

This technique is pretty much like scraperboard work…or those oil pastel drawings you made in primary school art class, with the advantage of being fully smudge and waterproof once dry, because you only use acrylic paints, which makes it a great technique for the art journal. Continue reading

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Exercises in Imagination

Prompts can help you draw, but not if they come from some outside source. The only way to make something authentic is to use prompts taken from your own life, and having personal significance. This is a good way to stretch your imagination. Also, a great way to use up those sktechbooks and hoarded art materials. :) Continue reading

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Make an album (and coloring book) of your favorite patterns

I’m rounding up that wild pile of patterns that I have been saving since I was 16 and I’m going to freehand a pattern…okay, maybe just a tiny fragment of a pattern?…onto a page in a big, yellowing dictionary. Do you think that’s crazy? Continue reading

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Fill a sketchbook

August 9 : : I can’t walk into a newsagent or art supply shop without buying a sketchbook, it seems. Never mind that there are ten, twelve, maybe 15 empty ones waiting at home…the new sketchbook, with its pristine cover, … Continue reading

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